Fear or Faith: You choose! Choosing your realtor

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Fear or Faith:  You choose is a BOLD Law that is learned by all Keller Williams Realtors who choose to be the most highly educated Real Estate Professionals in the industry.

BOLD stands for Business Objective A Life By Design and much like Keller Williams Realtors choose to place their faith in the Number One Rated Training Organization in the World, so must buyers and sellers decide where to place their faith in order to receive the most money for their very large investment called real estate.

You see, there are Keller Williams offices popping up worldwide now and when they come into your town and your market, you must make a choice as a consumer:  FEAR or FAITH: You Choose!  You can have the fear of the new talent, the new company in town, and the unknown reputation.

You can have the Fear of change and you stay with the Old Regime that might have been established in the neighborhood before the new Keller Williams came to town.  

OR you can step out in faith and trust in the fact that Keller Williams Realty is the only Real Estate company that grew 48% during the worst Real Estate meltdown in history, has now expanded worldwide, and is now the world's largest real estate company with over 130,000 agents worldwide.

You can have faith that Keller Williams Agents are the best trained in the Real Estate industry as most of them are not only Real estate professionals, but most of them are actually economists of choice as they are taught to study the real estate market and live and breathe real estate as Keller Williams Agents are partners in their family owned company and they profit share when the company as a whole succeeds which only encourages these very special agents to work together as a whole group to help sell each listings.

And while this may sound strange to some real estate companies, the sellers and buyers are the real winners as whatever market Keller Williams decides to open in, the market changes for the best for our clients.   The listing specialists get higher prices for their sellers and our buyer specialists out negotiate the competition to get the lowest prices for their buyers.

The fact is in the Se Florida area from Vero Beach to Palm Beach, our Keller Williams offices of Vero Beach, Port St Lucie, Stuart, Jupiter, and Palm Beach Gardens all combine to have over 10% of all the agents in the Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches and St Lucie County.  

When you consider there are so many choices in Real Estate companies, for 10% or over 1100 realtors all choose to associate with just one company speaks volumes in the FAITH they put in the wonderful training and success and growth that is Keller Williams Realty.  

So where do you as the Real Estate consumer choose to take a stand:  Faith in the largest Real Estate Company in the world and faith that we work together to achieve record setting prices OR

Fear in staying with the OLD REGIME of status quo and continue to settle for less.

Here is just one neighborhood in PGA Village Saint Lucie West FL that is a true example of the Keller Williams Effect and just how much of a difference hiring the right Real Estate Professional can make in your pocket as a seller:

These are the ACTUAL 2016 CLOSED Sales for the Greenbrier neighborhood of PGA Village Saint Lucie West FL.  All of these homes were built the same year +/- 1 and all with pool.  These are comparables.

7680 Greenbrier Sold for $175.11 per sq ft by Keller Williams and this is APPRAISED PRICE for VA Loan

7626 Greenbrier Sold for $112.22 per sq ft by Other Company a difference of $139,493.98

7634 Greenbrier Sold for $160.18 per sq ft by Other Company a difference of $38,000.00 exact same home

7743 Greenbrier Sold for $147.39 per sq ft by Other Company a difference of $61,117.55

7745 Greenbrier Sold for $160.02 per sq ft by Other Company a difference of $32,537.16

This is 5 homes all with pools in the same neighborhood and all less than 6 months sold so these are exactly what an appraiser uses for value determination.

This clearly shows that OUTSTANDING MARKETING of the Kevin B Tolbert PA Team produces EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS.  

Just based on these 4 sales that Sellers chose Other Realtors over the Kevin B Tolbert PA Team, over $271,000 was left on the table compared the 1 seller that chose FAITH and stepped out of the OLD REGIME and trusted Kevin B Tolbert Team and achieved RECORD RESULTS.  However here is the GREAT NEWS!

Now the Kevin B Tolbert PA Team has established a new APPRAISAL level for the neighborhood's future sellers.

So sellers of Greenbrier neighborhood, now is your opportunity to get the highest price for your home since 2010.  The only question is FEAR or FAITH: You Choose!  

Faith in the new and the record setting Kevin B Tolbert PA Team or Fear to change and do what you have always done and get what you have always gotten.