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Many sellers live in fear today.  Fear of the unknown in this market. At Keller Williams we have a saying: "Faith or fear you choose." What that means is you can live with the fear of the unknown or you could become an educated consumer and you may just have faith that now is the best time ever to sell your home and trade it for a BRAND NEW CONSTRUCTION HOME. For example many sellers are unaware of just HOW MUCH YOUR HOUSE IS WORTH NOW.

And then the fear comes when you realize it is a great time to sell, and what do I do with the money if I can’t replace this house  with a new home with this money?

If you know the facts and soon realize that new construction homes are actually building for less money than a Real Estate Professionalcould get you for your current house, and you knew that your current house will soon need new appliances, or new flooring, or new A/C, or new roof, or other repairs, and you could instead of fixing it up, sell it, and trade it for a BRAND NEW CONSTRUCTION HOME for LESS MONEY, then why wouldn't you trade it today?

A great example of this is here in the Narcoossee area of St. Cloud where our Keller Williams team just got a seller in the LakePointe Community $129 per square foot for their 11 year-old house and at that age, that house would soon be needing possibly a roof, an air-conditioner, definitely new appliances, and most likely new flooring and then you will still have an 11 year-old house. And then you could go right down the street less than 2 miles away and buy or build a brand new construction home for only $124 a square foot and have A brand new construction home with stainless steel appliances, granite or quartz countertops, full warranty, new air conditioning, and the most energy efficient home you can buy. I know a friend recently rented a home in Lake point and it was a two-story 3600 foot house and the average light bills were over $700 a month. And our brand new energy-efficient home of three months old is running our conditioner at 75° and we are averaging under $300 a month at the worst month and sometimes under 200 per month. And with Brand New construction homes, you have none of these major repair concerns of new systems needed for at least five years typically.

So you see where Keller Williams say knowledge is power and for those consumers that now have the knowledge of the facts, you now have the power to make the right decision for yourselves and your family and your future.

We at the Florida Tolbert team at Keller Williams Realty of Lake Nona are the highest selling realtors in Lakepoint neighborhood since 2010 for a home on the water and just this month in July the second highest selling home off the water per square foot. 

This means we have set the record prices to sell your 10-year-old to 14-year-old resale homes built from the time of 2004 to 2007 and got you enough money to enable you to walk into a brand new luxurious new construction home in the same neighborhood less than a mile to 2 miles away.

So now that you have the knowledge and the faith to sell your existing home that has become comfortable but less efficient and certainly more costly to operate, you are now empowered to realize the best time to sell your house and move into a brand new construction, energy efficient home for you and your family is NOW!

It only takes one phone call to the Florida Tolbert team at Keller Williams Realty of Lake Nona to engage our team to analyze the value of your current home and advise you know how much your home is worth on today’s market and how much you can replace it for with a Brand New Construction home.

We have the mortgage partners to walk you through the process.  We have the home inspectors to check out your existing home to make sure it doesn’t need anything repaired before you sell and to check out your new home to make sure it’s exactly what you expected.  NOW is in fact the perfect time you want to move and we have 20 years experience in helping buyers and sellers to achieve their dreams just like you.

Call our amazing Florida Tolbert team at Keller Williams Realty of Lake Nona today and allow us to guide you on the path to upgrading or trading in your home to a brand new home for peace of mind  and for comfort of your family because you deserve it. 



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